Being the Church

Calling Christ’s Bride back to her Biblical Roots to make and send out disciples.

Who we are: Being the Church is a Christian ministry developing biblical methodologies to make disciples who make disciples in a 21st Century world. We have developed and practice Six Pillars of Christian Discipleship to more easily and effectively disciple in a complex and rapidly changing society. Accepting that America and especially the north east is becoming more post-Christian or more accurately post-Christendom Being the Church is dedicated to reforming the traditional church into her biblically defined disciple-making, G-d and people loving (in action) Bride of Christ. And don’t forget, “the Church has left the building!”

Who we are not:

We at Being the Church seek to be 1st Century church-like and not the traditional church we see today. Too much emphasis is placed on the Sunday morning service at the expense of being the dynamic, daily impacting, powerful church as described in Acts. Being the Church does not disciple for the purpose of increasing church attendance or to achieve simple personal spirituality or even a sense of being family. Those elements are only of value if they produce disciples of Jesus Christ who go and make disciples.

You see it’s all about discipleship!

Are we being discipled as Christ discipled? Clearly the answer is “no”. Who among us is daily following an itinerant preacher for 3 ½ years around a circumference of 100 miles?  Is it possible today with all our modern responsibilities to be like the first century disciples then later apostles? Probably not. So, what is a true, self-denying, daily cross-bearing, follower of Christ to do to fulfill the Great Commission and go and make disciples of all nations? The answer is found in contextual expanding dedication. We begin with the Six Pillars of Christian Discipleship.