Back to Our Roots: Being The Church of the Bible

A Call to Action: Prioritizing Christ’s Great Commission

Being The Church

Video Series


We are in the Information Age and life is moving faster every day. It becomes harder for Christians to make the time to read books, attend conferences, and other educational opportunities to grow in our Christlikeness. These 25-minute videos are easy to watch and are of high impact and will show Christians in action or the “Church Being the Church!”.

Episode 1

Introducing Being the Church

Our introductory episode explains who we are, what we do and what we believe. America and especially the northeast is becoming increasingly post-Christendom. We explore why that is, why the Church has not responded and how BTC will help local congregations get back to the Bible and make the difference. Here is a hint: its all about the “D” word!

Episode 2


Should local evangelical Christian congregations be in unity with each other to build the Kingdom of G-d? In this two-part series we examine why our like-minded churches are not only not in unity they purposely ignore and avoid each other! We explain why unity among congregations is essential to obeying Christ’s commands. We introduce you to a regional ministry that has overcome that disunity to fulfill Christ’s command to care and witness to the poor.

Episode 3

Mobile Ministries

Is it safe to say that our Christianity is overwhelmingly actively demonstrated inside the church building for a few hours (if that) on Sunday morning? Is that all Jesus commanded of us? We return to the regional unifying work of Mobile Ministries and see Christians in action outside the church building. Come and see what the Lord has done!

Episode 4

Suffer the children!

Take a moment and consider how much of our resources, time, talent and treasure are spent on the building we meet in on Sundays. Would you say we focus about 40% or maybe 50% of our energies on a building we use maybe once or twice a week and even then, only for a few hours? In this episode we examine where the idea of a church building came from and why it impedes the Gospel. And how gathering outside impacts one urban neighborhood and the children who live there.

Episode 5

Taking it to the streets

If Jesus were in our community today, where would we find Him and what would He be doing? Would he be praising us for the “Christian life” we are living? Would He be pleased with our evangelism and disciple-making as He commanded?! Or do you think He would be thrilled by our church service attendance? Let’s meet a man who attempts to introduce Jesus as much as he possibly can in a unique way!

Episode 6

When you gather everyone…

So, what is the purpose for our gathering? If you observe what the modern Church does when it gathers, we see a group of people coming into a building finding a seat then spending about an hour or more paying attention to happenings on a stage and ignoring those around them. Is that what our gatherings are about? Or are we called to much more? Should something be happening to us as a result of our gathering. Something that fulfills Christ’s commands?!